That ass tho

So I’m going to see Iggy Azalea in concert right now and I don’t know any of her songs.

Copped a half O for 4/20 last week and barely made a dent in it and its now the 23rd…my subconscious is definitely guiding my conscious actions cause I didn’t say I was gonna quit, yet here I am…quitting.

Drugs are not gonna unlock your mind’s inner sanctum. If you rely on psychotropes to get in tune with your inner workings, you will NEVER figure out who you really are.

You already hold the keys to unlock your soul. What you are doing is opening false paths.

The substance abuse section of my abnormal psych class is just verification that a lot of the people I used to chill with and many whom I keep up their acquaintance NEED therapy…and heavy drug detox.

The chemicals you niggas put into your bodies on the regular have verifiable devastating long term affects. But you niggas aint gonna heed my warnings until irreparable damage has been done…

I love talking with Stephanie cause she always asks me to explain myself which is fundamental to getting my point across.

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